Hyundai Concept Car Premieres at Geneva Auto Show

Concept cars are the runway models of the auto industry. You might not see them driving around on the street, but that just gives automakers the freedom to play around with unusual design elements and outlandish powertrains, which can inspire the trends of the next generation. On that note, the new Hyundai concept car that just debuted at the Geneva auto show is setting a new standard for the brand’s upcoming lineup.


Named the Le Fil Rouge, the new concept car is a dynamic, athletic coupe with a flashy and upscale design. The concept’s designers were reportedly inspired by both the Golden Ratio and Hyundai’s commitment to unifying the past, present, and future of the brand, as well as by the idea of creating a sense of “sensuous sportiness.” Much of the Le Fil Rouge’s design focuses on drawing attention to its long, low-slung wheelbase and body, and the interior employs a new “Tube Architecture,” including a floating center console.


While Hyundai says there are no intentions to bring the Le Fil Rouge coupe to a production car, the design elements of the Hyundai concept car will be making their way into the brand’s next-generation lineup of vehicles and models.


Keep an eye out for more information and cutting-edge designs from Hyundai in the future. We will certainly enjoy seeing what production vehicles come to Empire Hyundai based on Le Fil Rouge.

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